Frozen Mushrooms

Apparently, you can freeze mushrooms. I find this out from my oh-so-savvy mother who showers me with extra food from time to time, being the single* gal that I am. Mom and dad live in the country, where their neighbors have an overabundance of produce. Luckily, I can cash in on fresh eggs, fruits, and veggies. This time, mushrooms.

I like mushrooms. They can add a nice flavor to many different dishes. However, I don’t use them all the time. And all too often, I have purchased fresh mushrooms, with great cooking intentions, only to pitch them out when they’ve gone bad.

But not this time! Mom told me to saute’ them in some olive oil, bag them, and freeze them for later.

And I did. I cracked open some organic extra virgin olive oil and set to business tonight. After several rounds of slicing and sauteing, I had one ziplock bag of “cooked” mushrooms. Currently, they are in the freezer, ready to be used. I wonder how they will keep until then. Here’s to hoping!

-Bon Appetit!

*I use the term “single” rather loosely; only because my boyfriend lives an hour away, and most of the time I am “single” in the alone sense of the term. Pity me.


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